Brand new day

Brand new day

  77 x 98 cms   pastel and charcoal on paper












Indian summer

Indian Summer


Going Wild

I alternated between working on ‘Indian Summer’ and ‘Brand New Day’, experimenting with painting and drawing at different speeds. On the latter drawing, I was able to capture the essence of the subject more dynamically by working fast.  


I also worked quickly on Going Wild and used the softness of un-stretched canvas and thinned-down paint to keep a fluidity,  giving the image a drifting quality  characteristic of  wild flowers.


The original of Brand New Day can be viewed at Lemon Street Gallery, Truro.  Giclee prints can be ordered




120 x 108 cms  

oil and mixed media on canvas










77 x 98 cms   pastel and charcoal on paper











As a fine artist, Judith attempts to convey the essence of her subject matter with particular attention to colour, structure and form.  Journeys enrich and stimulate her ideas. Her paintings evolve from memories of her own experiences and by focusing on them, Judith invites the viewer to bring their own memories, experiences and emotions to the painting.