I have always felt excited by the exotic colour and form of tropical plants and have been privileged to see them in their natural habitats. However, once back in the UK, I found it challenging to capture their essence from drawings and photos. So I was delighted to discover that some of them grew on my doorstep in the mild climate of the South West.





Heliconia and Ginger A Bird of Paradise Palm


Heliconia and Ginger

Bird of Paradise

100 x 100 cms

oil and mixed media on canvas

83x 87 cms    oil on canvas


100 x 100 cms

oil and mixed media on canvas

29 x 20 cms

watercolour on paper



As a fine artist, Judith attempts to convey the essence of her subject matter with particular attention to colour, structure and form.  Journeys enrich and stimulate her ideas. Her paintings evolve from memories of her own experiences and by focusing on them, Judith invites the viewer to bring their own memories, experiences and emotions to the painting.