Charmouth Dragon Feeling the heat Stonebarrow Sunset





In the these paintings of St Ives, I tried to capture the feeling of being in the rocky, windy, treeless landscape of this coastal town.


Essence of St Ives

59 x 90 cms

acrylic, collage &   charcoal     on card


This evokes for me memories of the intense heat and colours of a traditional Greek fishing village.


                       Greek Heat

           27 x  36 cms     watercolour on paper

I try to mark an experience of being in a place, calling on not only observation of the physical landscape and the weather conditions but also memories and the feelings evoked.





As a fine artist, Judith attempts to convey the essence of her subject matter with particular attention to colour, structure and form.  Journeys enrich and stimulate her ideas. Her paintings evolve from memories of her own experiences and by focusing on them, Judith invites the viewer to bring their own memories, experiences and emotions to the painting.






This painting reflects the colours of the Kenyan flag and the shapes of the traditional fishing boats.


                   Kenyan  Dhow

        14 x 20 cms    watercolour on paper










The need to capture form, colour and the essence of the subject are reflected in these landscape paintings.




This is an interpretation of my local landscape and takes its name from traditional folklore which  compares it to a mist that rises from the river and drifts out to sea to that of a 'dragon’s breath'.


                     Charmouth Dragon.


                          50 x50 cms   oil on canvas






After a particularly hot day, I was moved to paint the view from my window of the sunset illuminating Stonebarrow.


               Stonebarrow Sunset

                  50 x 50 cms   oil on canvas 




Essence of St Ives