Judith Lakeman Fraser

















Judith Lakeman Fraser is a Dorset artist.


She paints and draws in oil and mixed media. Colour and dynamic form are the driving forces behind her interpretation of her internal and external worlds.


Figurative and abstract images across a range of paint media are Judith’s response to landscape, plants and people which provide rich resources for her distinctive palette and mark making.  






Going Wild

As a fine artist, Judith attempts to convey the essence of her subject matter with particular attention to colour, structure and form.  Journeys enrich and stimulate her ideas. Her paintings evolve from memories of her own experiences and by focusing on them, Judith invites the viewer to bring their own memories, experiences and emotions to the painting.


Her paintings have been exhibited throughout the UK and can be seen in the October, November and December 2017 editions of World of Interiors magazine and at the Lemon Street Gallery, Truro.