In the same way that I see plants and landscapes, I am excited by the form and colour in figure/bodies/people.  





Lunch time Lunchtime



Just not cricket – not your traditional cricket colours!  


Just not Cricket


  46 x 46 cms   oil on canvas


I was fascinated by the wacky hair of the model




      Bad hair day


           30 x 42 cms   mixed media on paper

Embace tiger, return to mountain Not just Cricket Bad hair day Lady Gray Full force gale

I find figures in movement particularly exciting as they create constantly changing shapes, as in this Tai Chi form.


Embrace Tiger,  Return to Mountain


35 x 25 cms  pencil and pastel on paper








Lady Grey – so called as I used pencil and put her in a grey frame.


Lady Grey

65 x 70 cms  pencil on paper








I painted this whilst listening to the Van Morrison track of this name.  I felt an urgency and flow which I tried to reflect in the painting.


                     Full Force Gale

           61 x 36 cms     oil and acrylic on canvas







These works represent my transition from ceramics to painting media.  I did the drawings in a Paris cafe and once home, I cut out the figures in white earthenware clay, used ceramic colours, fired them and then mounted them on board. I call them my 3D images.








Pernod Gin



            32 x 32 cms

          ceramic on wood

I made these drawings in a taverna on Greek Beach.


                 Lunchtime 1 & 2

            21 x 15 cms & 15 x 21 cms  

        goache and charcoal on paper



            32 x 32 cms

          ceramic on wood

As a fine artist, Judith attempts to convey the essence of her subject matter with particular attention to colour, structure and form.  Journeys enrich and stimulate her ideas. Her paintings evolve from memories of her own experiences and by focusing on them, Judith invites the viewer to bring their own memories, experiences and emotions to the painting.




Dark light

I was tired of using black on white so I reversed it. The black paper by coincidence reflected the darkness of the studio with only a fraction of light filtering through the drawn curtains. The minimal colours were suggested by a flash of red on the curtains and the turquoise rug. I feel this painting evokes the still reflective atmosphere of that life session.


             Dark Light

              59 x 84 cms

       acrylic and pastel on paper